Traction Coffee – Spring 2014

Traction Coffee was developed for a client looking to open an independent coffee house & roastery, located near the University of Toronto campus.

Now we’d hardly call ourselves connoisseurs, but given my wife’s Napolitan heritage, the love of those little brown beans runs deep. As such, it felt only right to take on something like this. With that, we created initial branding and ad works to help launch the concept, working hard not to caffein jitter our way out of our seats.

The visuals and colour palette were intended to be based around something you might see on a vintage Italian cycling jersey. Given the client’s (and our own) love for cycling and in particular, its heritage, it only made sense!

Along the way, you’ll come across a few design projects that hit really close to home and this was absolutely one of them. It reminds you of the joy that brought you into the creative world in the first place and for that, I have to thank the good people at Traction.