Kopman Sawision & Associates – Spring 2020

KSA Legal is a Toronto-based legal association focused on family and criminal law, as well as wills and estates.

Kopman Sawision & Associates is a firm that puts their clients lives first. From day one, their focus has been setting a new standard for those they help each and every day. A new sunrise, a new opportunity – and their brand base needed to reflect that.

It was important to maintain some association to the legal profession with their brand marks to ensure a sense of familiarity with clients. However, what had been lacking prior was the warmth and care that they bring to the table each and every day. We decided to focus on a friendly, new vintage approach to the design which fit perfectly with their individual aesthetic. The rising sun motif was utilized to symbolize a new beginning, something they strive to provide each client with whom they work.

A simple, clean typeface brought the whole project together and gave it the cohesiveness they were looking for. A great finish to a really enjoyable project.