Hagl (A Commerce App) – Fall 2015

Hagl was a trade based commerce app concept focused on the value of goods as they pertain to community and barter based economics.

Hagl was founded by Sascha Mojtahedi and myself, eventually teaming up with Toronto based trading community Bunz Trading Zone (later becoming simply Bunz). The project was successfully VC funded and operated with tens of thousands of users in a number of cities over the next few years.

The app was conceptualized to allow individuals to barter goods based on an agreed upon value (including the ability to trade multiple items in a single transaction). Geofencing was enabled to provide an extra element of safety to users with the end goal of processing simple financial transactions where needed, removing the need for cash.

Though I made my exit before the funding phase of this project, I still wholly believe in the economics behind it. The idea that we as a community can provide and take care of one another in ways beyond conventional commerce is still something that fuels me creatively and professionally. There is something to be said for removing the monetary middle man. This ideology was what drove us to create Hagl.