Jumpsuit Jam

Recently our good friend Kerry dropped one hell of a jumpsuit via her great Red Sky shop/brand. With a little help from the top lady herself, I surprised Des with one of ’em and as part of a promise to Kerry, we took a few shots.

Now it should be said that this thing, according to Des, is about as comfortable as it gets. Want all of the comforts of wearing a blanket to pick up groceries with none of the shame of wearing a blanket to pick up groceries? Well look no further!

I’d describe it for you, but it seems best to let Kerry tell you all about it… straight from the horse’s mouth or whatever it is that they say.

“The Freelance was designed when I realized I had worn pyjamas to my studio everyday for 3 months. I needed that amount of comfort, but less of the feeling that I had a totally let myself go. So how would I describe this gem? Baby romper/adult size? Chambray clown sack? Pyjamas, but not? 100% lightweight chambray cotton, one size fits most.”

If you want to pick one up for yourself or your significant other (and you definitely should), just check out the link below! While you’re at it, take a look at some of the other great wares in the shop!

Further Info: Red Sky Shop

Buy Now: Red Sky Freelance Jumpsuit