Bite Goes Bright

Bite Beauty has punched up the saturation with their Amuse Bouche: Nearly Neon collection (which they so kindly sent to my wife to play with).

As the defacto photographer for Des’ occasional social media projects, I’ve snapped a few random items in my day. In this case however, shooting these next level bright lipsticks was actually a lot of fun. Shout outs to IKEA for the yellow entertainment unit backdrop.


Honestly though, over the last four or so years I’ve been exposed to a lot of cosmetics. You don’t marry a makeup artist without learning a thing or two along the way! That said, the folks at Bite consistently produce some of the greatest goods in the game and these are no different.

It’s like 1992 jumped all over your mouth… no really.

Blindingly vibrant and as great in person as they are in photos – if you missed out, you really missed out. The good news is that they’ve got custom Lip Labs in Toronto, NYC & LA. Having been to the NYC location last year, I can attest to the fact that they know what’s up. Ladies (or fellas), get on it.